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Original title: Den magiske juleæske
International title: Get Santa
Norwegian title: Den magiske juleesken
Production year: 2016
Country: Denmark
Length: 75 min
Director: Jacob Ley
Screenplay: Sanne Munk Jensen and Jacob Ley
Editor: Elin Pröjts
Music: Morten Dalsgaard
Producers: Sarita Christensen, Anne Sofie Hansen-Skovmoes, Arthur Kubiczek, Rodrigo Villalobos and Fie Ørnsø
Production & support companies: Copenhagen Bombay, The Danish Film Institute, The Swedish Film Institute, The Norwegian Film Institute and Nordic Film- and Tv-Fund
Norwegian voices: Dennis Storhøi, William Torgauten, Kevin Haugan, Morten Røhrt, Siri Nilsen, Magnus Moen, Martine Kjøniksen Reinsch, Tobias Asphol, Kirsti Grundvig, Hedda Farnes Grjotheim, Unn Vibeke Hol, Leah Hyldmo, Preben Olram, Jon Erling Wevling and Kalle Øby
Norwegian version: NorDubb Studioes AS by Morten Lange
Norwegian translation: Tore Sørensen
Film about the dubbing production: Mondo Cane
Premier date: 02.12.2016

Julius loves Christmas. He been told that that he came to the orphanage and it was Santa that brought him. Some of older boys say that it is just a fairytale. But if that is true, who is then shouting to Julius from his Christmas box?

This is a charming Christmas tale by Jacob Ley that we are very proud to present to the Norwegian audience. This film has a little bit of Astrid Lindgren and Henry Selick/Tim Burton about it. But is foremost Jacob Ley great and original story, combined with Morten Dalsgaard beautiful and very suitable music.

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